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The Planning Department conducts long-range community planning initiatives and special projects for the County; implements all zoning, subdivision, nuisance abatement; prepares and administers state and federal grants, and performs flood plain management functions. In addition, department staff assists people who want information about future development (personal, neighborhood, or countywide) and those who are looking to open businesses in Camden County. The Department provides ongoing direct staff support for the County Planning Board and Board of Adjustment, along with support to the County Manager and Board of Commissioners, and periodic volunteer committees.

Public Notices

        County Establishes Stormwater Fee

New Requirements (2) for Building Permits:


Effective April 1, 2013, North Carolina law (G.S. §§44A-11.1, 44A-11.2, 160A-417, 153A-357, and 87-14) will require that an owner (or, as typical with permit applications, the contractor on their behalf) appoint a lien agent when they first contract for improvements to real property.  A lien agent is a title insurer or agent also registered as a lien agent with the NC Department of Insurance.

For more information regarding this new requirement, please see the pdf files listed below:

To Appoint a Lien Agent

Lien Agent Application Worksheet.pdf

List of Lien Agents as of April 15, 2013

Lien Agent Designation Form (must be turned in to Planning with your building permit application)

Once you have gathered all your information, go to www.LiensNC.com and appoint your lien agent. A copy of the confirmation form(s) that you receive at the end of this process must be submitted with your building permit application also.



Fill Permit is now required for all permits wherein fill is to be placed on the subject property.  Even if you are not placing fill, we must have this form on file.  Below is the application form, check yes or no and fill in all applicable information and submit this form with your building permit application.  For more information regarding this requirement, please call (252) 338-1919 x 232.

Fill Permit Application 

Planning Manager

Dan Porter Director, Planning & Community Development Department PO Box 74 Camden, NC 27921-0074 (252) 338-1919 x263