2020-2023 Tourism Development Authority Board

  1. Contellis - Shaun Zywicki
  2. Tourism - Sarah Hill, Chair
  3. Tourism - Michele Ward
  4. Tourism - Adam Carver, Supt.
  5. Tourism - Tami Richards
  6. Tourism - Kayla Eller
  7. Tourism - Katherine Silverwood
  8. Commissioner - Ross Munro
  9. Ex Officio /Finance Officer: Stephanie Jackson

The Authority shall consist of nine (9) members: eight voting members and one ex officio non-voting member.  The ex officio non-voting member shall be the county's Finance Officer.

Appointed by the Commissioners and fill vacancies as needed with a term of 2 years.

  1. Charge the Authority to promote travel, tourism and conventions
  2. Sponsor tourist-related events and activities in the county
  3. Finance tourist related capital projects in the county in accordance with the applicable statutes.
  4. Advertise or market an area or activity, publish and distribute pamphlets and other materials, conduct market research, or engage in similar promotional activities that attract tourists or business travelers to the area; the term includes administrative expenses incurred in engaging in these activities.

One-third of the members are individuals affiliated with businesses that collect the occupancy tax in the county and two-thirds of the members are individuals who are currently active in the promotion of travel and tourism in the county.

TDA funds are the result of the Camden County Occupancy Tax.