The Albemarle (Camden) Soil & Water Conservation District Board and staff have the responsibility of developing and carrying out a program of both conservation and protection of soil & water resources to prevent loss of valuable topsoil and degradation of water quality.

The mission of the Camden Board and staff is to provide technical and educational assistance, administer conservation programs, and provide financial assistance through various cost share programs both federal and state.


  • Works closely with the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service and other cooperating agencies to assist and educate all landowners in proper use of the land as it relates to soil and water conservation.
  • Provides services to farmers, homeowners, developers and others. Assists with drainage problems, ditch layout, erosion control, soils information, etc.
  • Sponsors various school programs such as the Resource Conservation Workshop, Poster & Essay Contests, Environmental Awareness Field Day, Forestry Contest, Land Judging Contest, and the Coastal and State Enviorthon Competition.

Staff Consists of a District Administrator, District Technician, NRCS District Conservationist and NRCS Technician. Operating funds are provided by federal, state and county sources.

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Soil & Water Technician

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