The South Camden Water Department operates under Camden County's Public Works Department; we are staffed full time with 2 plant operators, an ORC or (Operator in Responsible Charge) and the Public Works Manager. Our staff works in 8 hour shifts; 2 shifts per day, 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. to midnight, 7 days a week, as well as all holidays.

All of our operators have to attend a state certified school and obtain the proper licenses. To be the ORC or Backup ORC for this system a B-Well license and a Grade 1 Physical / Chemical Water Pollution Control System Operator license is needed. All licensed operators have to receive at least 6 continuing education hours per year for each of their licenses.

The duties of the operators are many, including but not limited to routine maintenance of the equipment in the plant, pumps, motors, generators, the generator at the plant is a permanent in place generator and is capable of running the on-site wells as well as the whole plant. We also have a portable generator for the remote wells.

We are constantly monitoring the flows and pressures within the system and monitoring the chemical levels, and making adjustments accordingly.

We take water samples for our contract labs and our in house lab. Our lab is certified by the state and EPA to sample temperature, Dissolved Oxygen and pH. We also test the water for conductivity, phosphate; both naturally occurring and added and constantly monitor the chlorine level in the water. We have to renew our lab certificate every year. We have to maintain an accurate log of daily activities and data, and compile the data for submission to the state and regional offices.

Ordering supplies for our lab and the chemicals needed for the treatment process. Monitoring the water quality of the raw water as it comes from the ground. We closely monitor the level of the water in the ground; this is to let us know if we are over pumping the aquifer. Occasionally we have to assist with other departments.

Our most important duty however is to provide our customers with an adequate supply of safe, pleasant drinking water.