NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook (FEMA F-687)

Click Here to download a copy of the NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook.

How Flooding Affects County

Flooding is one of the main hazards that affect Camden County. Over 54% of the county is located in a flood zone, however due to the flat contour of Camden County, areas located outside the flood zone can experience some sort of flooding. Areas outside the flood zone usually flood due to clogged drainage systems.

Albemarle Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan - Final Plan

Camden County GIS Maps - Flood Zone Layer

Camden County's GIS Maps can be accessed through this link:

To view the flood zones on this map, click Map Layers (located at the upper right on the maps page), then click the yellow folder icon to expand the list of available layers. Scroll down the list of layers and click to place a check mark in the box next to Flood Zones. You can also select other layers by clicking and placing a check mark next to the layer's title.

Pasquotank / Camden Emergency Management

Emergency Management is one of our partner organizations, you can view their website by clicking on the following link:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

FEMA is another resource for emergency management and related information, you can view their website by clicking on the following link:

North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

The NC Floodplain Mapping Program may be accessed through this link:

How Recent Legislative Changes Affect Flood Insurance

This site is useful to understand how the premiums will phased in: Flood Premiums Rising Dramatically 

Flood Information Brochures

The following brochures are available for download. Click to view or download.


Please contact the Flood Zone Administrator (contact information at top right) for any flood zone questions and concerns you may have.